Best 10 Airbrush for Model Painting: A Guide to Purchasing the Best Airbrushes in 2024

Airbrushing is growing popular among model painting enthusiasts due to uniform spraying and the convenience of spraying large areas. As a model painting enthusiast, you may want to try airbrushing your model or you have already tried but want to upgrade your airbrushing tool. No matter which type you are, this article will suit you well since it recommend suitable and best airbrushes for all levels.

If you are in a hurry, see the shortened version below and click the model to see corresponding airbrush:

Affordable, beginner-friendly: BD-135K, BD-130, BD-134, BD-180K

Suitable for intermediate players: BD-180, BD-208, BD-182K

Recommended for advanced professional players: AG-100, AG-103, AG-101

Best Model Airbrush for Beginners

Model BD-135K: Fengda Airbrush Gun with 0,2 - 0,3 and 0,5mm Nozzle and Airhose

As a beginner, you may not be familiar with choosing diameter nozzle. Our BD-135K is equipped with three nozzle diameter (0.2mm, 0.3mm and 0.5mm). No matter you want to use it for miniature or large-size models, it will meet all of your needs. It's very suitable for very fine, fine to medium detail work because its 5ml paint up.

This model is popular among users due to its precise handling, long life and low price. If you order this model, it will come in a handy plastic box with transparent lid tilted. If you also like doing portrait work, nail art, tattoo, it will be a good choice as your first airbrush gun since it can also be used in those applications.

Model BD-130: Fengda Airbrush Gun with 0,3 mm Nozzle

If you are looking for airbrush gun suitable for larger area paint, this type will suit you well. The paint cup of this model BD-130 is 7 ml. It comes with lid on the paint cup making it easier for beginners to use.

It's also a popular type among users due to the precise handling, long life and low price. But this model is just equipped with one nozzle diameter. If you also need airbrushing very fine detailed places on your model, please pay attention to order nozzle in smaller diameters separately. If you are skilled enough in the future, you can try to use this size airbrush to spray the details.

Model BD-134: Fengda Airbrush Gun with 0,3 mm Nozzle

The strength of this model BD-134 lies in providing you with interchangeable cups of different sizes. One is 7ml and the other is 11ml, allowing users to switch based on their current needs. The chrome-plated pistol features a threaded connection on the right side for attaching the paint cup. Moreover, the angle of the cup can be adjusted 360° (forward/reverse), allowing you to optimize its slope for optimal spraying.

Model BD-180K: Fengda Airbrush Gun with 0,2mm and 0,3mm Nozzle

The BD-180K airbrush is a fine, double-action tool designed for precision work. It features an adjustable air screw and a needle position limiter, allowing for exact control over spray patterns. Equipped with a fixed 9ml metallic paint cup, the BD-180K is suitable for very fine to medium detail work, making it ideal for model painting and various other applications.

The airbrush comes with a mounted 0.2mm nozzle, and an additional 0.3mm nozzle are included for relatively larger area painting. This high-quality airbrush is lightweight and easy to handle. The kit also includes a 1.90 meter hose, a plastic storage case, and accessories, offering great value at an excellent price.

Best Model Airbrush for Intermediate Players

Model BD-180: Fengda Airbrush Gun with 0,2 mm Nozzle

When you are an intermediate player, you must have many other airbrush guns at home. Under such circumstances, if you need additional airbrush for detail work or various types of work, model BD-180 would be a good choice. It contains an adjustable air screw and a needle position limiter, providing precise control over the spray pattern.

The airbrush is equipped with a fixed 9ml metallic paint cup and a 0.2mm needle and nozzle, making it perfect for very fine to medium detail work. It's lightweight and easy to handle and it delivers high-quality results at a great price.

Model BD-208: Fengda Airbrush Gun with 0.25 mm Nozzle

Model BD-208's nozzle diameter and the paint cup size is smaller than model BD-180 while also contains an adjustable air screw and a needle position limiter like BD-180. The nozzle diameter of BD-208 is 0.25mm and the paint cup size is 2 ml. Therefore, if you need additional airbrush for small area painting, this one will suit you well.

Model BD-182K: Fengda Airbrush Gun Set with 0.3-0.5-0.8 mm Nozzle

The BD-182K airbrush can be used with textile colors, acrylics, automotive paints, or any type of thinned paints or glazes. It features a dot fire preset adjustable handle, providing precise control over material and airflow. It also comes standard with a dual-purpose cutaway and preset handle, facilitating easy cleanup and more accurate airflow management. Its tough, plated exterior is resistant to most solvents, ensuring durability.

The airbrush is designed for easy disassembly and assembly, making cleaning and repair straightforward. With a range of nozzle/tip sizes (0.3mm, 0.5mm, and 0.8mm), it allows users to spray lines of varying thickness. Additionally, it is compatible with most airbrush hoses and quick connects, making it a practical and flexible choice for model painting. If you already have other related equippment, model BD-182K with excellent compatibility will be your best choice when buying a new airbrush.

Recommended Professional Airbrush Set for Model Painting

Model AG-100: Airgoo Elegant Airbrush with 0.20mm Nozzle & Quick Disconnector

If you are a profesisonal airbrush player that want to upgrade your equipment and keep up with the latest advancements in airbrush technology to ensure better results and efficiency, we will recommend you AG-100.

The AG-100 airbrush is a high-end instrument designed for professional artists, setting new standards in design, functionality, and ergonomic excellence. It features the quick fix system, providing highly accurate paint-flow control for precision work. The self-centering socket-type nozzle system ensures ease of handling and brilliant, very fine spray characteristics.

Key features include a 0.20mm needle and nozzle, a 2ml gravity cup, and a quick disconnector. The AG-100 airbrush comes in a royal aluminum case, offering both protection and a touch of elegance. This airbrush combines intelligent functions with ergonomic design, making it a top choice for model painters.

Model AG-101: Airgoo High End & Deluxe Double-Action Airbrush for Airbrush Master

The AG-101 airbrush is ideal for for those looking for versatility without compromising quality. With a 0.30mm needle and nozzle size, it offers a slightly larger spray pattern compared to its counterpart, the AG-100, providing more flexibility for a range of applications(not only just for model painting). Its 9ml gravity cup allows for longer periods of uninterrupted spraying, catering to projects requiring larger volumes of paint.

What truly distinguishes the AG-101 is its construction from high-strength flexible titanium alloy materials, ensuring exceptional durability and longevity. The anti-slip design for the airbrush trigger and the quick flush cutaway handle contribute to improved ergonomics and ease of use, enhancing overall control and comfort during extended painting sessions. 

Model AG-103: Airgoo High-End & Deluxe Double-Action & Gravity-Type Airbrush for Airbrush Master

Most characteristics of AG-103 airbrush are the same as AG-101. The main difference lies in the paint cup design and the size. AG-101's paint cup is 9ml while AG-103 is equipped with interchangeable paint cups. One cup is 2ml and the other is 5ml.

How to choose between AG-101 and AG-103?

Model AG-101 with a 9ml cup will suit you when you require a larger volume of paint for extended painting sessions or for covering larger areas without the need for frequent refills. This larger cup size is advantageous for projects that demand continuous spraying, such as large-scale model painting.

On the other hand, airbrush AG-103 with interchangeable 2ml and 5ml cups offers greater flexibility and versatility. You can consider this configuration when you need to work with smaller volumes of paint for intricate detail work, fine lines, or when using multiple colors that require frequent changes. The ability to switch between cup sizes allows for more efficient use of paint and reduces wastage, making it suitable for projects that involve intricate details, custom designs, or where precision is paramount.