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GC-1069 Smarthunter digital metall detector for children

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GC-1069 Digital Smart Hunter metal detector for children

The Smart Hunter is suitable for children aged 5 to 13 years with a maximum length of 1.70 cm. This lightweight and easy adjustable detector is designed for the smallest, now a fun way to discover the treasures of the soil.

The Smart Hunter detector is possible to seek to mid-shank into the water, because the search coil is in fact 100% waterproof.

The detector indicates by 3 different tones to show the possible kind of found metal. The tones can be heard from the speakers from the display or hear through a headphone. The Smart Hunter also indicates by means 2 LED colors possible type of metal.

It is also possible to switch off unwanted metal from the search process, such as iron and other unwanted metals. This also call them Discrimination = eliminating unwanted metals.

The depth range of the Smart Hunter is no less than for small jewelry and coins up to 20 cm and larger objects up to 80 cm, depending on the size of the object ..

The Smart Hunter is the big brother of the successful Coinfinder with more setting options. The Smart Hunter is highly recommended for children metal detector hobby to learn in a pleasant way.


Waterproof search coil 21.5 cm. (You can search to mid-shank in the water)
Age and length indication: For ages 5 years to 13 years, with a maximum length of 1.70 m
Weight 1 KG
LCD display
Headphone jack: 3.5mm
Battery: 1 x 9V search duration with headset up to 20 hours without headphones up to 15 hours
The metal detector is adjustable in length.
Weight: 1.0 kg
Search modes
- ALL METAL (you can search for all kinds of metal)
- DISC (Option to disable unwanted iron and other metals)
SENS - Allows you to set the sensitivity
LOW BATT - battery indicator for battery life
AUDIO SHOW Metal identification: 3 tones for metal distinction. low tone, medium and high-Show
LED Metal identification: 2 colors. 1 = Ferro, 2 = non-ferrous
Depth Range = coins and rings up to 20 cm and larger objects (depending on object size) to 80 cm.


Smart Hunter Metal Detector
1 9 volt battery
1 year warranty
English manual
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SKU: GC-1069

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You Save: €16,00 (22%)